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The best places in Cam Ranh Beach

Have you been to Cam Ranh anytime soon? It is a place of natural beauty. Once you visit, you will not forget about this magical place.

It has a long beach located in Vietnam. It is a growing tourist spot and has some great hotels, bars, and restaurants you should visit.

In this article, we are going to share about these hotels and bars of Cam Ranh land.

Where should I stay in Cam Ranh?
Tom Hum Palace
A popular hotel fin Cam Ranh Land is Tom Hum palace. Along with the rest of the services, this hotel comes with a swimming pool. The rooms are very comfortable in the hotel and it is rated well by the visitors so far.

Which is the best hotel near the beach in Cam Ranh?
If you are going to Cam Ranh, you really should visit the beaches there. One of the best ways to do so is by staying in a hotel near the beach.

So, here are a few hotels that are located near the beach and are good for its services.

Queen Ann Nha Trang
It is one of the most friendly Cam Ranh hotels there is. Apart from that, the rooms are nice, and the hotel location is really close to the beach.

If you are looking forward to great beach time, then you should stay in this hotel. It will be easier to visit the beach often from here.

How is it staying in Cam Ranh?
In the early time, Cam Ranh was a place for US military importance bases during the war. It only recently was opened as a tourist spot.

The place is gaining a good reputation so far. Who knows soon you will hear that it is one of the must-see places in the world.

Being a bit new to the world, the beaches in the Cam Ranh are still lacking a collection of tourists. When you walk on the white sands, there is a feeling of a deserted beach.

You will notice few fishermen on boats, and the shore is filled with coral which will be removed before the next morning.

Yet to gain popularity, it is a calm and quiet place to visit for the holidays.

Where should I eat while I’m in Cam Ranh?
If you are staying in Cam Ranh beach, then you will need a good place to eat. You can visit Dockland Estate for food. They provide fresh food, to be honest, they will make your visit a lot more interesting, if you are a food lover.

This place is not only a restaurant but also a bar. They try their best to serve good quality food with innovations. There is also something new on the menu.

The menu alone can attract many visitors to this place. It is also popular for cocktails. Other Cam Ranh restaurants a good as well.

How is the wine in Cam Ranh?
Once again Dockland Estate is your place if you are looking for good wine in Cam Ranh. Like the food, the wine is also of good quality.

They always try their best to bring wine that is produced sustainably. On top of that, they make sure you get the fresh taste.

They will never bring wine that is too far away. So, you can have a great time in Cam Ranh and enjoy its beauty.

Final words
So, if you are looking forward to a holiday place, Can Ranh beach is something you should check out. The food and hotels there are awesome Be there first among your friends and become their centre of attention.


Gastropark Bar is all about sustainability.  We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful region such as Cam Ranh Land, and we take seriously the responsibility to look after the place.  It is in this vein that we are attempting to the source, as much as possible, the wine that is sustainably produced, and that has not travelled too far.  We have a small but interesting wine list composed of some regular suspects and some unusual varietals, and nearly a third of the choices have been produced using organic or biodynamic methods.

Organic because there is no doubt that industrial and chemical inputs have negative long term impacts on the environment.  These wines are delicious, fresh, lively and well suited to the menu produced by Chef Andy Wood, whose extensive resume includes The Four in Hand, Paddington, and 4Fourteen in Surry Hills, working with Chef Colin Fassnidge.

Coopers Beers and Toppers Mountain Wines Feature Dinner

On Wednesday, March 25th, we will be holding a dinner featuring beers from Coopers Brewery and wines from Toppers Mountain Wines in New England.  Chef Andy Wood has created a delicious menu that will be matched to a selection of beers and wines, providing an opportunity to experience these beverage products in a really interesting and fun format.  Representatives from Coopers will be on hand to discuss their products, and Mark Kirkby, owner of Toppers Mountain will discuss his wines, and vintage 2015, which is currently in full swing.

The price for the dinner is $85.00, fully inclusive.  Places are filling fast, so book now

Choosing Your Wedding Cocktails

Sparkling wine, wine, and beer are the standard beverages to be found at most weddings. They all have a purpose of course; celebration, matching with food, pleasing the crowd, it pretty much goes without saying that your guests will be happy with wisely selected choices. I am sure though, that most people, when planning their wedding, are looking for ways to stand out and make their celebrations exceptional, not just for themselves, but for all of their guests. More and more, brides and grooms are looking for a signature cocktail, to make a memorable statement of style.

How to choose though, from the literally thousands of cocktails and variations out there? I thought it might work if I was to break it down into categories.
Colour: perhaps you have chosen a colour-related theme for your wedding, it might be reflected in bridesmaid dresses, flowers, reception table decoration. The signature cocktail could come along for the ride, colours are virtually endless, created from fruit, liqueurs, garnishes, and glassware.

Base spirit: In cold weather, perhaps a warming spirit, like scotch, dark rum (spiced?), or cognac. To cool down and refresh, start with white rum, vodka, gin or tequila. The base spirit could also work to a theme, for instance, Caribbean nights with rum, Gatsby sophistication with gin, Mexican fiesta with tequila.
Method: Consider the cocktail preparation method and how that will work with your plans and budget. To provide handmade individual cocktails for a crowd can be labour intensive and expensive, but also cool and classy. Pre-mixing a large batch, and pouring on demand is potentially quicker and more efficient (think fruit-based punch, sangria or classic Pimms Cup).
A final thought for you: if you are happy with your signature drink, and why wouldn’t you be? Make up a large batch, and provide it for your guests in small bottles, or mason jars, complete with a nice label as a memento of your special day.

Phil Caldicott
Sommelier, Oak Street Food & Wine, Wedding and Event Specialists, Bellingen.

2019 New Years Eve Menu

For New Years Eve we are excited to be presenting the following five-course tasting menu:

  • Wooli oysters, fennel and apple granita
  • House smoked salmon, creme fraiche and chives
  • Duck and pork terrine, pickled vegetables
  • Slow roasted Milli Hill lamb shoulder, sweet potato and caponata
  • Grilled mango,  orange blossom ice cream

A glass of vintage sparkling wine will be poured to start the evening.  The cost is $95.00 per person.


Here’s hoping that you are well and looking forward to a warm and sunny spring.  It has been a little cool and damp in Bellingen these last few weeks.

This message is a quick reminder of our Welcome to Spring Sunday Lunch which will be held this Sunday, the 14th of September.  We will be serving slow-roasted pork shoulder with all the trimmings, Eton Mess for dessert, and a glass of wine or locally brewed ale.  The price is $45.00 per person.


The Kalleske family has been involved in the wine industry in the Barossa Valley since the 1800s. Primarily they make wines with their estate-grown fruit, which is all produced using organic farming techniques, and minimal intervention in the winery. The Pirathon Shiraz is a slightly different case, the fruit for this wine is sourced from premium growers in the north-western Barossa, considered to be the pinnacle of “Pirathon” section for Shiraz. The wine is the result of a blend of grapes from these growers, the different vineyard locations adding complexity to the result.
Troy Kalleske, the winemaker, favours traditional vinification, using open fermenters and basket presses to maximise the flavours in the wine.
The 2012 Pirathon Shiraz is a delicious example of Barossa Shiraz. The lively yet brooding aromas are evident on opening the bottle and pouring the first glass, let alone plunging the nose in for a whiff. The wine pours deep purple to almost black, coating the inside of the glass. The aromas are of black fruits, plums and sweet blackberries, with a touch of black pepper spice and a backbone of oak. Despite being a full-bodied Barossa Shiraz, the Pirathon shows fine-grained tannins, and a luscious mouthfeel, dangerously easy to drink!

Get your hands on a bottle of this wine at Gastropark Bar, enjoy it with a classic Beef Bourgignon, beef brisket slowly braised in red wine, beef stock and aromatic herbs, served with smoked bacon lardons, sautéed mushrooms and baked eschalot, as prepared by chef Andy Wood.